Fontastic 2.40

Automatically preview all your fonts

Fontastic is a font viewer with many capabilities that your common font viewer lacks. It is ideal for quickly browsing all your fonts in the search for what you are looking for.


  • Preview font is your actual typed text and not Aa Bb Cc Dd or The quick brown fox ....
  • Fonts are scalable up to 500 point
  • Support for font coloring
  • Support for canvas coloring
  • Support for the common bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough attributes
  • Able to auto-rotate through the fonts at user specified times
  • Print out the formatted text
  • "Print Preview" the formatted text
  • Ability to paste RTF (Rich Text Formatting) information into Word
  • Capable of generating the appropriate HTML to embed into web pages
  • Capable of generating the appropriate CSS to embed into web pages

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Fontastic 2.40